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Title: As I pondered the surf
Post by: Psycho on July 18, 2005, 06:51:17 AM
Or lack there of, I thought to myself, Wow this is one of those days, crowded line up, choppy onshore winds, gloomy, overcast, foggy, a chill in the humid breeze & the stench of humid kelp floating beside me & I thought to myself, Drowning puppies might be more fun cuz dang the waves never came. The hope of the much chatted about afternoon waves was deteriating right before our eyes. The lil 2 foot mushies that Frrok, NYHC,BB, SS & I were riding were at least consistant for chunks. We all were hung over from the great weekend before & goofed around talkin about peoples Mommas, sang crappy country songs, Mimicked puking & even Frrok tried to throw up to feel better after his own night out with friends.

The water was clean, the joking wasnt but then more friends showed up with that look on their faces like ours, more happy to see freindly faces in the line up rather than stoke for the waves. We poked, dredged, flailed at anything we could get all day on the waves nature gave us & for our pateints, we were rewarded a lil, got a few waste high waves & I may have had the wave of the day at an alomost chest high snaggle puss lookin thing that got me some cheers from the Boys & gals! That made my day right there, but the point of this ramble is to show that all this yappin & clammer, the depressed feelings you get lookin at a cam or a forcast when it says, "This is joe schmuck from blah blah, Doesnt look good, knee high at best."  it really doesnt have to effect your love for the ocean, surf or even your work week. I dont wanna feel like that crazed Football fan that takes out his dissapointment on his friends or family around him.

 Im a surfer, my joy comes from a higher place, a place where, waiting, trying, being embarassed, getting beat down, being sore, tired, falling down, dissapointment, nucertainty still means the same thing, Im happy. ;)

I dont need much, It might be sappy & corny but yeah, good waves aint squat with out good friends to share em with.
Title: Re: As I pondered the surf
Post by: Crackie Onassis on July 22, 2005, 04:35:35 PM
I didn't know you "pondered."

Such depth!
Title: Re: As I pondered the surf
Post by: Some people call me Maurice on July 23, 2005, 05:22:02 PM
exactly, we havent had the best summer so far in terms of waves but ive gone the last 6 days in a row and about wat feels like 100 more times over the last few months and most of them havent had great waves. but even from the lack of surf im still stoked to be out there with sum of my surf friends joking around about wether i wud have a chance with that hot girl i just waved to on the beach or laughing about our attempts to cut on the crappy waves, and i gotta say its just a little bit more fun that drowning puppys haha