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Title: Wt heck is all the sex talk on TV lately.
Post by: Psycho on August 22, 2005, 09:25:40 AM
for about a month now Ive heard about a billion experts on matrital sex & how to keep it going, they blame the cuase of alotta divorce on men not getting enough sexual satisfaction. They said that men look around & cheat becuase wives forget about sex. Then there was another show saying that Woman now cheat on a regular basis becuase they too now realize they can do so. they have adapted into the usual male roll of the working class & are having easier access at work to meet men & its darn near 50/50, then another show says woman are just bored & sex doesn apeal to them as much as organizing their homes & work, they have too much going on in their heads & sex is just a messy chore that they would rather forget about & take care of o their own. They said alotta woman just use sex for procreation if theyre married but if a waman is single they uttilize men for pleasure more now than ever before. Sex in bars & NYC is outta controll then ya get married & it goes away?

WTF? does everything have to be that complicated? just Hump! people are weirdos, i think people dont use sex & their partners the way they should. I see it with alotta friends, they talk to their guy friends different than they'd talk to their wives or girlfriends & always biatch about not having enough sex at home. Theres no research, no romance, no experimenting on either sides. weird. its been on so much, like its an epidemic of single sluttyness & married, concervative sexual repression.