Author Topic: One of the best ebay postings  (Read 247 times)

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One of the best ebay postings
« on: May 29, 2011, 10:17:01 AM »
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    I mean, Shakatak for fucks sake.  What a   prick. And surely he must have realised that buying anything by Shalimar   would open him up to ridicule. Even those bands' mothers couldn't bear   to listen to that stuff.  I know I couldn't. None of this is play   graded, only visually. I just could not bring myself to dirty my stylus   with this bollocks.
    Boring stuff: -  I grade conservatively,   particularly when I don't like the records. Don't ask me to split this   lot. You buy it, you buy all of it and pay the shipping. I'm not keeping   it in my house any longer than strictly neccessary. For the same   reason, no returns. I don't want it back. Shipping in UK is £15 because   the weight is approx 10kg . I'm willing to ship overseas at cost, but   it's likely to be expensive (maybe £45 in europe) and frankly this crap   isn't worth the stamps. If you want to collect from Croydon, that's OK   but I will look at you with a contemptuous sneer as you stand in my   doorway, proving by your purchase that you are tone deaf and tasteless.
    Good luck, and God help you for liking this drivel.
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