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Photos from the 2009 "Hurricane Surf for Dean!" Little Nasty Big Wave Challenge!
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Got Jersey surf images? Post them up here!
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Got Long Island surf pics? Post them up here!
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Our forum members often attach great surf images to their posts using the "attachment utility. Here's a collection of their work - Scroll through this gallery for a view of what's been posted!
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A place for your off-topic photos....
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Get a new stick? Feel like making us all green with envy? Post it up here!
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Images from the Classic Board Swap!
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Amazing day, deep, deep barrels! Check 'em out!
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Images from the 2008 "Surf for the Hungry" even held on November 28th, 2008 in Loch Arbour, NJ - Food donations raised at the contest benefited the Trinity Food Bank in Asbury Park.
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The tradition started in 2005 continues! The Rock surf community comes together for the annual gathering on a cool, clear and beautiful fall day at B90th St.
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Surf images courtesy of aNYsurfer from the famed and fabled "Perfect Storm" - October 31, 1991.
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Planning on bringing a board or gear to the NYC Surf Expo and Swap Meet on July 19th, 2008? Show it off here!
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With some early lines showing from Hurricane Bertha, Thrust Clothing and ESA-NY put on the show at Gilgo, complete with artists working on the tunnel walls!
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Mid-may borught a beautiful blast of decent waves to western LI, and our own Steve Stathis, PoppaGB of Boarders Surf Shop on B92st was there to capture it all!
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Spring arrived with powerful side/offshores along with some punch in the waves, and Eric Cooper was there capturing it all!
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Images from the "Do it for Dean!" Little Nasty Big Wave challenge- March 1-31, 2008
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This album is dedicated to our favorite photowhore, Ron "Shine", aka Gothamsurfer - His ability and desire to turn it on and shine for the camera is unparalleled by anyone we know! Make Ron smile, post your images of him here!
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Hurricane Noel provided some of the best surf of the year for western LI, and Eric Cooper was there to capture it all!
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Noel from the Jersey point of view - November 3, 2007
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Noel delivers to the western portions of Long Island, 11/3/07 and Smugg was there to capture it all!
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The Rockumentary Photoshoot and HalloweenFest 2007 was greeted by bright sunny skies, beautiful offshores and a load of friends old and new - some in costume, some not, but all with smiles. Damn, if only we had waves....hey, there's always next year! Photos 1-30 courtesy of Dan Lattore - Thanks, Dan!
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West winds and a solid swell came together to offer the best conditions of the fall so far - and Box was there to capture it all!
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RedDawn delivers the goods from the first half of Summer, 2007.
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A gallery of great images and unique and beautifully shaped boards by Joe Falcone. Interested in his work? Check out more at his great blog: Through the Eyes of a Ghost or contact him at [email protected]
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The art and artistry of Jay Alders.
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The great art and photography of Jay Alders - Surfer, Painter, Photographer.
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Photodocumentary of an attempt to reclaim a old, beyond repair 8'10" G&S by turning it into a new 6'2" egg!
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Clean early conditions greeted contestants for this event, sponsored by http://ThrustClothing.com
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Ed Fawess surfs a door, and much more! Contest sponsored by Nature Shapes and the Town of Southampton.
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Tropical Storm Barry came sweeping up the coast on June 4th, with some leftovers and a little groundswell over the subsequent two days, giving LI an excellent start to summer.
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Surf Images from the road....
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Photos from the 2007 Eastern Surf Association Regionals, held at "The Wall", New Hampshire, May 11-13, 2007.
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Beautiful summer day and some small wave fun on the east end of Long Island.
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Tropical Storm Barry was particularly kind to western Long Island, and NYCWahine was there to capture it all!
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Acting more like a Nor'easter with predominantly N winds, the second named TS of the season, Barry, brought a heavy dose of tropical rain and a pretty decent swell along with it.
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2007 - 2008 Images from various swells across the NYNJSurf.com area. Enjoy!
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Warm water, soft offshores combined nicely with a little bump to bring some halfway decent summer waves across Long Island - and Box was there to capture it all.
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A collection of Matt's work from some of the world's great surf destinations - enjoy! To purchase prints: [email protected]. See more at http://clarkography.blogspot.com/
112 items
A collection of images from various swell events across the NYNJSurf area. Enjoy! To purchase prints: [email protected]. See more at http://www.myspace.com/newyorksurfphotography
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A  gallery of shots courtesy of MJR Photography. Contact Michael to purchase prints, and check out all of Michael's great stuff at mjrphoto.net
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The early days of March '07 have been VERY good to us...here's some choice stuff from the shore points, March 3, 2007
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The Valentine's day Nor'easter gives some love!
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Some of the best NJ had to offer from '06.
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Random non-surf images from FleaFest XXI, held November 24, 2006 at a popular far western long island surf break.
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A variety of swell events from 2006, courtesy of Boarders Surf Shop and the lens of PoppaGB.
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Vintage Surf Images from in and around Rockaway Beach in the 60's and 70's...
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Great day at a well known western long island location, 11/24/2006 - coincided nicely with FleaFest XXI! All Photos courtesy of Mims.
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Images courtesy of Mims...thanks, Mims!
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unsOund Pro tow-at sessions with Sam Hammer, Ryan Carlson, Balaram Stack, TJ Gumiela and others..
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Wheels2Water event held in conjunction with the unsOund Pro, Long Beach, NY September 16, 2006
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Forum member contributed local images from great swells and great sessions of days gone by....got some of your own? Log in and post them up!
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Welcome to Marioville! Enjoy your look around the photographic musings of our own Mario_Longoboardie.
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Beach and background shots..No surf shots, unfortunately!
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Shots from the RedBull Illume Surf Photography Workshop, Long Beach, NY 7/31-8/1/06
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Posted by Mims
Jul 26, 2006
in NYNJ Surf Images, 1900 - 2007
wax bird
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Posted by Mims
Jul 26, 2006
in Forum Members Contributed Off-…
found somewhere
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Posted by Mims
Jul 26, 2006
in Surf Images from Abroad, 1900…
i'm not sure why the hell i had this
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Posted by Årne Longbörgenssen
Jul 26, 2006
in Mario's Gallery
murray sharkenstein
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Posted by Årne Longbörgenssen
Jul 26, 2006
in Mario's Gallery
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Posted by Årne Longbörgenssen
Jul 26, 2006
in Mario's Gallery
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Posted by Årne Longbörgenssen
Jul 26, 2006
in Mario's Gallery
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Posted by Mims
Jul 25, 2006
in NYNJ Surf Images, 1900 - 2007
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Posted by SeaCliff
Jul 25, 2006
in The Pharmacy, 7/20/2006

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31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by decoy1
Sep 04, 2017
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by Exit98
Mar 03, 2018
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
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Posted by the Kook
Oct 18, 2006
in Mario's Gallery
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by The Lone Surfer
Jul 09, 2012
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
5'9" Clear Stubbie Hull w/ Flex Tail Cedar Stringer
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Posted by Clams
Jan 27, 2008
in Grey Ghost Gallery - Shapes by…
IMG 7311
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Posted by RedDawn
Aug 06, 2007
in RedDawn Galleries - Summer Jui…
IMG 0981
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Posted by nycwipeout
Jun 16, 2009
in nycwipeout
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by Ryan
Jan 14, 2014
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
Valentines Day 08

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Posted by ladies & gentlemen, the fabulous box
Nov 16, 2008
in Long Island Boxshots, 2008
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by Surfbullet
Apr 23, 2015
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
28 07 2010, 15:38
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Posted by glider
Jul 28, 2010
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by decoy1
Aug 31, 2014
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
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Posted by epsurfs
Dec 10, 2012
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by Chubby Carver
Sep 28, 2015
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
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Posted by R Skorney
Sep 06, 2006
in Ernesto shows up in Jersey, 9/…
DSC 8134
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Posted by JerseyShoreTog
Sep 05, 2010
in Surfing Hurricane Earl 9-3 Jer…
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by rvb
Jul 24, 2014
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
31 12 1969, 19:00
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Posted by surfdoc
Aug 12, 2012
in "Attachment" Images from the F…
NYNJSurf DQ 047
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Posted by the Kook
Jun 12, 2007
in David Quinn Gallery - ESA-NY S…
Unsound Pro 2009
Unsound Pro Long Beach, NY 2009
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Posted by Bob Arkow
Sep 26, 2009
in Forum Members Long Island Surf…

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