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I sketched this out while my mind was in the trees.

It was my first and most successful painting at the time in 2000, which captured an evolving style of figurative painting.

If you look at her body, perhaps you'll see some subliminal imagery.

Is this painting a fantasy of him? Or is she real?  
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
The Rebirth of Angelic Intentions
This painting was started in 1997 and I stopped it and put it aside because I didn't have the skill to know how to finish it properly and I was more of a start and don't finish kinda' guy then.

8 years later, I felt that it was time to finish. I didn't want inspirations to go undone. So in 2005 I t…
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
Depression of Love
The title says it all.  I painted this in 1993 after my first broken heart.  It seemed like the blue period I was going through was the end of the world. be young and stupid.

Though this was made so long ago with less knowledge and skills, I have gotten so much attention and press from th…
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
Lemons and Egg
Sometimes as an artist, you just want to practive technique and have a model that doesn't move.  I find the structural lines of natures creations to be fascinating.


Oil on Canvas
27? x 34?
(C)2007 Alders

Prints available:
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
Back to Me
Rather than going into meanings with this, I prefer having people make their own meanings.  I have heard them all, and some are partially correct and some are way off. But with art, its what it means to you.

This painting and title have many meanings to me, some good, some bad.  It's huge (50? x 70…
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
A Girl
At the time, I was hanging out with a chick who's name started with A...a Blonde....and sometimes I just like to challenge myself.  I said to myself "Jay, how can you paint a sexy woman to fit in the shape of the letter A?"..Now, Im not saying this is a normal thing to say to youself, but it worked…
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
Beach Girl
I wanted to capture the softness of the female form and of the hazy summer sun.  To me, the beauty of a woman's body rivals the beauty of the ocean, so to combine them , seems natural to me.

I wanted this woman to look confident, yet relaxed and meditative.  I try to not objective women in my paint…
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
Inspiration by Jaimie Nicole
I wanted to combine realism with surrealism and make the viewer feel the imagery.

This was one of my successful creations to do so.

Oil on Canvas
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
Lying By Moonlight
I really dig distorting reality in my painting, but not just for the sake of it.  I had this image of passion in my mind and wanted to portray it in a way where you can just feel the tension and tightening of the musculature.

This painting has a lot of meaning to me.  It was a real challenge gettin…
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Posted by jayalders
Aug 02, 2007
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