Author Topic: Swell Season Radio latest episode: Tyler Breuer flips the script on Ben Pomeroy  (Read 497 times)

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Holiday weeks are always good for catching up on things, and this one gave me the chance to catch the latest episode of Swell Season Radio, featuring our very own @Seppo1 and his co-host, Ben Pomeroy. With no official guest for the week, Tyler "interviewed" Ben, but in reality, it kind of felt like I was sitting in on a couple of friends simply talking surf and life and stuff and just having a good conversation - it was a very enjoyable listen. At multiple points I felt myself wishing I was in the studio live with them so I could join in the conversation!

They guys are off for the holidays and will back on 2019 with all new weekly episodes that air on Tuesdays from 8-9PM live from Wax studios in Greenpoint, Brooklyn - you can catch the live broadcast on their website: ....or.....

You can do what I do and catch up with them on Spotify - simply search Swell Season Radio -

You can also catch them on multiple other media outlets, including SoundCloud, iTunes, Stitcher and YouTube, if that's what you prefer.

Give the guys a listen - you'll thank me for it!

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I enjoyed the one with David Lee Scales. I also found the one with Matt McGregor Mento entertaining and learning about British belly boards.

I need to dig back into some of the episodes I've missed. Will also have to check out this script flip episode, thanks for the heads up!