Author Topic: Sundown's Fantasy Surfer Club Champ Crowned!, Doug "NYRippa" Milstein Wins!!!  (Read 282 times)

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Doug Milstein was all smiles when he came into Sundown Surf Shop this winter to collect his bounty. Doug had just finished at the top of the Inaugural Sundown Fantasy Surfer Club Year End Ratings and is now crowned the Sundown Fantasy Surf Club Champ! He walked away with a sweet Quiet Flight 5'11" Squash and Two, count them, two FREE Roundtrip tickets to Puerto Rico on Jet Blue. Who wouldn't have a grin ear to ear? 
Doug's consistency on the Fantasy Surfer Tour earned him the win but he also placed well within the top 500 of the overall Surfer Magazine Fantasy Surfer Group, which is huge considering there are over 20,000 participants! Doug had his teams picked for every comp and was on top of it when it counted most, especially in Brazil where almost half of the top 16 were no shows and everyone who wasn't paying attention had have their teams not counted. Obviously Slater was the main pick for everyone's team but the important picks were the lower rung guys who were cheap to purchase for teams. Doug was right on the money for almost every event. Pipe was his crowning Victory and was probably the one event that a lot of people may not have chosen Slater as their top pick. Doug stayed with his tried and true and clinched it. A special note: Slater's surfing at the 2008 Pipe Masters was BullS--t!! Riding a 5'10 in 6-8ft Pipe! That had to be one of the most enjoyable Pipe Masters to watch! IT was also sick to see Wardo break into the finals again. 
Below are some picks The Champ and his new board! The World Tour begins in a couple of weeks. Slater is gunning for 10! The Sundown Fantasy Surf Club will be closing it's doors once the events starts. If you want to have a go at the Sundown Fantasy Surf Club this year, join now because after the second event at Bells, no new members will be able to join! Prizes and the Preview will be released soon. Stay tuned. Congrats to Doug Milstein for killing it this year. The guy is one of the nicest and coolest guys out there. Thank you to everyone who participated in Sundown's Fantasy Surfer Club. We were stoked on everyone's participation and hope to make it bigger next year. 
Sundown Ski and Surf

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