Author Topic: Anyone travel American Airlines with a Longboard ? Is 126” rule verified?  (Read 424 times)

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I saw the maximum length board bag you can fly with is 126” Combined ( lxwxh)
My board bag is 9ft 6” long 25 1/2 “ wide and like 4” deep- calculating this puts me well past 126”.Which the AA site and a not so familiar with the rules employee told me.  126” or under would allow you to pay just $35 each way for that bag.   The employee said you can’t bring it at all or even pay the old prior $150 each way charge -has anyone travelled with a board bag that exceeded the 126”
And flew American in the past few months? Wondering if I can tip the handler $40 bucks to see if they can get it in under the 126” limit?   They may not even measure -just wondering if anyone flew American Airlines with a bigger board recently -if so what was your experience ?🏄🏻‍♂️

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I flew back from California in September with a dual 9'2" bag but I think I was on United.  They weighed it but no one measured length.  It was the standard bag fee $35.  Doesn't really help with your American Airlines situation but the people at the counter are usually more concerned about weight and I would be surprised if they even have a tape measure.

Either bring shortboards or roll the dice and see what happens.