Author Topic: vintage John Bradbury / Clyde Beatty Jr. thruster surfboard 6'0 epoxy  (Read 90 times)

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Parting with a rare and collectable early '80s Hydro Foam epoxy thruster to make way for a Frye.
approximately 6'0 square tail with glass-on tri-fin setup

Shapes and Designs by John Bradbury
Art & Glassing by Clyde Beatty Jr.

board art work states FOR: BOB BOYLE TEAM PAIN

Shaped by the great John Bradbury, known for his work in the '70s with the Creative Freedom label in the '70s. Based out of Santa Barbara, Bradbury is also known for his early work with epoxy resins.

This is a great example of an early '80s thruster with period color and artwork by Clyde Beatty Jr. who also handled the epoxy glassing. Clyde was one of the first to work with epoxy and is also known for his contributions to the rocket fish design. Read more here:

Given the people involved, there's a good chance the board was shaped for pioneering Barfoot Snowboards team rider Bob Boyle:

The board is lightweight and solid, with a few dings and one soft spot on the deck. All dings have been prepped for repair by 2 Bruddah's Ding Repair, who can also handle the final repairs if you want. Given the extra volume and floatation epoxy provides, this would make a great summertime mush killer or provide a little extra paddle power once the wetsuit goes on. Scroll down to the Occ-Ster section for what Parmenter has to say about the benefits of early '80s thruster design:

It would also make a great addition to the collection for all you '80s collectors out there!

Board is available in Long Beach New York.
Sold AS IS and final sale.

Any questions, please let me know.

Several more '60s and '70s boards will be listed soon (Hansen, Design1, not sure what else at this point)