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Longboard 360's?

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Carving 360? Sounds it and if so yes your aiming too high most likely. Need to aim mid-face. Watch the one Slater did at the Hurley in slow motion and see how he entered the pocket at mid-face and still had the tail blow out the back. Otherthing is to be sure to drive your shoulders through the final arc down.  I try to over-rotate my back arm too, if I am at less then full speed, to get that last bit of speed out of the board.  And once I got the sweet spot down on my LB they became almost easier then on my short board, but again shoulder drive is key.

now I am calling bullshit, carving 360 on a log, you must surf alot of 15-20 footers, otherwise bullshit.  You would need an at least a 12' face to carve 9' of board 360.  I think I am an ok longboarder and I have been logging since, well a really long time, I cant think of one video where I ever saw a log carve 360, I have seen floater 360, helicopter 360, 180 air to 360, but never someone actually carve 360.  I guess seeing is beleaving so lets see it, photo video either will do.


Another State of Mind

CJ Nelson at the 1:00 minute mark is what im guessing. Ive seen Toby and Becker do them on the island, but thats about it.

yep thats a floater or drift 360 not a carve your throwing the board up to the lip and shifting your wieght towards the nose in order to realease the fin as you slide backwards down the face than its nothing but a fins 1st take off to finish the revolution for 360
alot different than slaters carving 360


--- Quote from: onefinookas on July 29, 2009, 10:44:46 AM ---psycho your not explaining the type of 360 your talking about.  Are you sliding the tail around and than bring it back for 360 or are you going straight up to the lip and coming around 360?

--- End quote ---

Im doing it just like this,

360 On Longboard - Paul Scholten

But Im goofy footed & going left. See where he gets super high on his turn, grabs the rail & hold on till he falls down the whitewash completing the 360? Thats where I get stuck, I get almost 3 quaters the way around & then I get stuck & catch an edge & fall or end up sliding back into riding backwards like a backside rock & roll floater. Its frustrating.


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