Author Topic: Sharing + Surfing = Shurfing --> Rent from locals worldwide!  (Read 384 times)

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No more crazy airline baggage fees, carrying your surfgear or being dependant of surfshops? Rent from the locals through Shurfing now![/size]Shurfing is an online peer-2-peer sharing surfing platform which allows all surfers (kitesurfing/windsurfing/wavesurfing/stand-up-paddleboarding) to share their surfgear online and rent it out to others worldwide.Surfers all over the world experience the same problem when travelling; major airline baggage costs for their surfgear and the hassle of carrying heavy equipment all over the world. Once decided not to take your surf gear an extensive search will start for surfshops who are willing to rent you surf equipment on your desired location. If they are willing to rent out, it is most of the time a ridiculous high price due to their monopoly in the area. We from Shurfing are kitesurfers and love to travel and are experiencing above frustrations over and over again. We believe that using a product is getting more important than owning a product and started this sharing surfing revolution to give the ability to surf everywhere in the world by renting from the locals.We started a Kickstarter campain to finish our second version. Funding is possible from $1 and you only get charged if we succesfully get our aimed $5000. Check it out and spread the word: questions? Don't hesitate to contact me through the Kickstarter campain!Kind regards Richard[/size]